Zhi-Xin Yang

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OBJECTIVE To systematically evaluate the long-term effect and safety of Xingnao Kaiqiao needling method in ischemic stroke treatment. DATA RETRIEVAL We retrieved relevant random and semi-random controlled trials that used the Xingnao Kaiqiao needling method to treat ischemic stroke compared with various control treatments such as conventional drugs or(More)
Reliable and quick response fault diagnosis is crucial for the wind turbine generator system (WTGS) to avoid unplanned interruption and to reduce the maintenance cost. However, the conditional data generated from WTGS operating in a tough environment is always dynamical and high-dimensional. To address these challenges, we propose a new fault diagnosis(More)
BACKGROUND Although many patients with facial paralysis have obtained benefits or completely recovered after acupuncture or electroacupuncture therapy, it is still difficult to list intuitive evidence besides evaluation using neurological function scales and a few electrophysiologic data. Hence, the aim of this study is to use more intuitive and reliable(More)
The definition and content of opposite points is updated, and renovation of acupuncture teaching is explored in this article. Opposite points interconnect meridians and acupoints. Location of one point reminds that of the other in pairs. When manipulating, point-to-point puncture from two opposite sides or penetrating method from one side are both(More)
A new combination of acupoints with opposite locations in clinic was proposed according to the running course of meridians and the relation between meridians and acupoints in order to enrich the theory of acupuncture-moxibustion and enhance the therapeutic effect. Points with opposite location refers to bigeminal acupoints locates at the medial and lateral(More)
According to the law of circulation of meridians and the locations of acupoints, the opposite acupoints were proposed. It facilitates comprehension of the routes of meridians and the locations of acupoints. Application of opposite needling or penetrative needling, it is easy to practice and the effectiveness is significant. Promoting this concept into(More)
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