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Specific renal uptake of randomly 50% N-acetylated low molecular weight chitosan.
In our previous studies, randomly 50% N-acetylated low molecular weight chitosan (LMWC) has been confirmed as a potential carrier for the site-specific delivery of prednisolone to kidney, suggestingExpand
Targeting Strategies for Renal Cell Carcinoma: From Renal Cancer Cells to Renal Cancer Stem Cells
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a common form of urologic tumor that originates from the highly heterogeneous epithelium of renal tubules. Over the last decade, targeting therapies to renal cancerExpand
Isobologram Analysis: A Comprehensive Review of Methodology and Current Research
Drug combination is a common method for clinical disease treatment. Whether the combination of drugs is reasonable often affects the result of the disease treatment. Many methods have been used toExpand
Low Molecular Weight Hydroxyethyl Chitosan-Prednisolone Conjugate for Renal Targeting Therapy: Synthesis, Characterization and In Vivo Studies
To further evaluate the potential renal targeting profile of low molecular weight hydroxyethyl chitosan (LMWHC) we developed before, prednisolone (Pre) was conjugated with LMWHC by EDC/NHS chemistryExpand
Renal targeted delivery of triptolide by conjugation to the fragment peptide of human serum albumin.
We have previously demonstrated that peptide fragments (PFs) of the human serum albumin could be developed as potential renal targeting carriers, in particular, the peptide fragment, PF-A299-585Expand
Peptide fragments of human serum albumin as novel renal targeting carriers.
To develop the proper renal targeting carrier for clinical therapy, human serum albumin, as starting material, was firstly cleaved into albumin fragments and Superdex 75 and CM-Sepharose FF were usedExpand
Anti-HBV Activities of Three Compounds Extracted and Purified from Herpetospermum Seeds
The goal of this research was to evaluate the anti-hepatitis B virus (HBV) activities of three compounds extracted and purified from Herpetospermum seeds (HS) on HepG2.2.15 cells. Herpetin (HPT),Expand
Randomly 50% N-acetylated low molecular weight chitosan as a novel renal targeting carrier
Selective targeting of drugs to kidneys may improve renal effectiveness and reduce extrarenal toxicity. Using fluorescence imaging, we found for the first time that randomly 50% N-acetylated lowExpand
Nanomedicine-Mediated Therapies to Target Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Accumulating evidences have suggested the existence of breast cancer stem cells (BCSCs), which possess the potential of both self-renewal and differentiation. The origin of BCSCs might haveExpand
Enhanced accumulation of low-molecular-weight chitosan in kidneys: a study on the influence of N-acetylation of chitosan on the renal targeting
Purpose: To investigate the influence of N-acetylation of chitosan on the renal targeting. Methods: Hydroxyethyl chitosans (HECs) with different N-acetylation degrees of 10.0%, 52.7%, and 81.8%Expand