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Strain M(438), deposited as CGMCC3917 and isolated from inoculums of bacterial cellulose (BC) producing strain screened in homemade vinegar and then induced by high hydrostatic pressure treatment (HHP), has strong ability to produce BC more than three times as that of its initial strain. It is the highest yield BC-producing strain ever reported. In this(More)
Caleosin is a common lipid-droplet surface protein, which has the ability to bind calcium. Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) is considered a model organism in plant researches. Although there are growing researches about caleosin in the past few years, a systemic analysis of caleosins in Arabidopsis is still scarce. In this study, a comprehensive(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS microRNA-122 is the only identified liver-specific miRNA and plays a crucial role in liver development, maintenance of hepatic homeostasis as well as tumourigenesis. In our previous differentiation of ESCs into hepatocytes, microRNA-122 (miR-122) was expressed at a relatively low level. Here, we aim to elucidate the effect and underlying(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric patients appear to be at lower risk of cancer. Some antipsychotic drugs might have inhibitory effects on tumor growth, including penfluridol, a strong agent. To test this, we conducted a study to determine whether penfluridol exerts cytotoxic effects on tumor cells and, if so, to explore its anti-tumor mechanisms. METHODS Growth(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUD/AIM: Because of the oncogenic risk, it is important to gain the homogeneous and purified cells from differentiated ESCs before transplantation. Here, we aim to select hepatocyte-like cells from differentiated ESCs, and investigate their growth, differentiation and neoplastic formation after intrahepatic transplantation. METHODS Mouse(More)
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