Zhi-Wen Mo

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The paper is to explore product operation of grade upper approximation operators. Based on logical product operation, it proposes product model of grade upper approximation operators based on two parameters. Essence, basic structure and properties are obtained in the new model. Macroscopic algorithm and structural algorithm are proposed and analyzed, and it(More)
In this paper, we investigate generalized remote information concentration as the reverse process of ancilla-free phase-covariant telecloning (AFPCT) which is different from the reverse process of optimal universal telecloning. It is shown that the quantum information via 1 → 2AEPCT procedure can be remotely concentrated back to a single qubit with a(More)
The pumping lemma and Myhill-Nerode is very important in theory of formal languages and automata. In order to depict fuzzy regular language deeply. Firstly, the paper obtains the similar conclusion about fuzzy regular languages and then discusses the closed property under some operations. Finally the notion of commutative fuzzy regular language is(More)
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