Zhi Wei Wang

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Rabies virus (RV) induces encephalomyelitis in humans and animals. However, the pathogenic mechanism of rabies is not fully understood. To investigate the host responses to RV infection, we examined and compared the pathology, particularly the inflammatory responses, and the gene expression profiles in the brains of mice infected with wild-type (wt) virus(More)
The practice of hybridization has greatly contributed to the increase in crop productivity. A major component that exploits heterosis in crops is the cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)/nucleus-controlled fertility restoration (Rf) system. Through positional cloning, it is shown that heterozygous alleles (RsRf3-1/RsRf3-2) encoding pentatricopeptide repeat(More)
The cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)/nucleus-controlled fertility restoration (Rf) system has been widely applied in hybrid seed production and is an ideal model for dissecting the interaction between the nucleus and the mitochondrion. In this study, we identified an insertion–deletion (InDel) at a male fertility restoration locus (RsRf3) for CMS in radish(More)
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