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Countering kernel rootkits with lightweight hook protection
We present HookSafe, a hypervisor-based lightweight system that can protect thousands of kernel hooks in a guest OS from being hijacked. Expand
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Pinpointing Vulnerabilities
We propose Ravel, an architectural approach to pinpoint vulnerabilities from attacks by analyzing the program's memory access patterns. Expand
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Delay-dependent controller design for networked control systems with long time delays: an iterative LMI method
  • S. Li, Zhi Wang, Y. Sun
  • Computer Science
  • Fifth World Congress on Intelligent Control and…
  • 15 June 2004
We first model NCS as a discrete-time model with structural uncertainty for its time-varying network-induced delays. Expand
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Thermodynamic analysis and experimental verification for silicon recovery from the diamond wire saw silicon powder by vacuum carbothermal reduction
Abstract Recovering silicon from waste material is profoundly significant in terms of making profit and encouraging development within the photovoltaic manufacturing industry. Eliminating oxygen isExpand
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Equivalent matrix DBP for streams with (m,k)-firm deadline
A real-time message stream is said to have a (m,k)-firm requirement if at least m out of any k consecutive messages from the stream must meet their deadline to ensure adequate quality of service (QoS). Expand
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Multi-Objective Topology Design of Industrial Ethernet Networks
Abstract The objective of this paper is to investigate methods to guarantee the network performance of industrial Ethernet networks by an optimized topology design. The proposed approach differs fromExpand
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Pharmacognostic identification on stems of nine Actinidia species
OBJECTIVE To distinguish stems of nine medicinal Actinidia species(Actinidia macrosperma,A.valvata,A.melanandra,A.arguta var.purpurea,A.callosaExpand
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Preparation of nickel-doped nanoporous carbon microspheres from metal-organic framework as a recyclable magnetic adsorbent for phthalate esters.
In this work, magnetic Ni doped nanoporous carbon (Ni-C) microspheres were prepared by directly calcinating Ni based metal-organic framework at 400 °C in nitrogen. The morphology and surface area ofExpand
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Experimental Research on the Health Monitoring of the Composite Patch System Using Lamb Waves
This paper describes an experimental study on the use of Lamb wave propagation for the integrity assessment of the composite patch system. Composite repairs are performed to the cracked specimen. TwoExpand
An exploration on collapse mechanism of multi-jet flash-boiling sprays
Abstract The main objective of this study is to understand the mechanism of the spray collapse during flash boiling using multi-hole injectors. The spray characteristics of a five-hole gasolineExpand
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