Zhi Tao

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To detect and resolve distributed deadlocks in the generalized model, a few algorithms have been proposed. Most of them are distributed algorithms which are based on the diffusing computation technique where propagation of probes and backward propagation of replies are required. On the contrary, centralized algorithms send the dependency information(More)
A cross-corpus classification of emotional speech on two datasets, Emo-DB in German and DES in Danish is investigated in this paper. 2-D classifications on arousal-appraisal space leads to significant improvement than in one-step classifications. Emotions are better recognized in arousal dimension than in appraisal dimension. The best classification rate in(More)
During the process of detecting and rescue, the environment is complex for a climbing robot to negotiate. At this time, the Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) is utilized to complete the rest task. However, some place is so sorrow that the SUAV cannot go through because of its weak anti-interference ability. In order to address this issue, we hope to(More)