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To detect and resolve distributed deadlocks in the generalized model, a few algorithms have been proposed. Most of them are distributed algorithms which are based on the diffusing computation technique where propagation of probes and backward propagation of replies are required. On the contrary, centralized algorithms send the dependency information(More)
—A bare hand gesture recognition system using only a single color camera without any marker is presented in this paper. The system is mainly composed of image pre-processing, skin segmentation, feature extraction and gesture classification. The image pre-processing module transforms the raw image into the desirable feature vector which mainly includes(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the concentration of adhesion-related cytokines, transforming growth factor (TGF) β(1), platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) BB, b-fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) in intrauterine fluid and their roles in the intrauterine-adhesion reformation. METHODS From August 2009 to February 2010, 18 patients with moderate or severe intrauterine(More)
Liposomes have successfully been used for decades to encapsulate and protect drugs that are prone to deactivation in the body. The present study aimed to demonstrate the use of liposomes to encapsulate cordycepin, an adenosine analog that quickly loses its activity in vivo. The cordycepin-loaded liposomes were prepared by the ammonium sulfate gradient(More)
Restriction of normal speech from Chinese whispered speech based on radial basis function neural network (RBF NN) is proposed in this paper. Firstly, capture the nonlinear mapping of spectral envelope between whispered and normal speech by RBF NN; secondly, modify the spectral envelope of the whispered speech by adopting the trained neural network; finally,(More)
With the advancement and deployment of leading-edge telecommunication technologies for sensing and collecting traffic related information, the vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) have emerged as a new application scenario that is envisioned to revolutionize the human driving experiences and traffic flow control systems. To avoid any possible malicious attack(More)
To enhance speech recognition, as well as Mandarin tone recognition in noice, we proposed a speech coding strategy called zero-crossing of fine structure in low frequency (LFFS) for cochlear implant based on low frequency non-uniform sampling (LFFS for short). In the range of frequency perceived boundary of human ear, we used zero-crossing time of the fine(More)
During the process of detecting and rescue, the environment is complex for a climbing robot to negotiate. At this time, the Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) is utilized to complete the rest task. However, some place is so sorrow that the SUAV cannot go through because of its weak anti-interference ability. In order to address this issue, we hope to(More)