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Shuhui Zheng2
Qiuling Xiang2
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  • Shuhui Zheng, Jinghe Huang, Kewen Zhou, Chengxi Zhang, Qiuling Xiang, Zhi Tan +2 others
  • 2011
Estrogen promotes breast cancer metastasis. However, the detailed mechanism remains largely unknown. The actin binding protein ezrin is a key component in tumor metastasis and its over-expression is positively correlated to the poor outcome of breast cancer. In this study, we investigate the effects of 17β-estradiol (E2) on the activation of ezrin and its(More)
The mechanisms of progesterone on endothelial cell motility are poorly investigated. Previously we showed that progesterone stimulated endothelial cell migration via the activation of actin-binding protein moesin, leading to actin cytoskeleton remodelling and the formation of cell membrane structures required for cell movement. In this study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Ribosomal protein S6 (rpS6), a component of the 40S ribosomal subunit, is involved in multiple cellular bioactivities. However, its clinicopathological significance in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is poorly understood. METHODS Expressions of total rpS6 (t-rpS6) and phosphorylated rpS6 (Ser235/236, p-rpS6) were detected(More)
In drug discovery and development, the conventional "single drug, single target" concept has been shifted to "single drug, multiple targets"--a concept coined as polypharmacology. For studies in this emerging field, dedicated and high-quality databases of multitargeting ligands would be exceedingly beneficial. To this end, we conducted a comprehensive(More)
BACKGROUND Although patients with kidney disease have potential to benefit from revascularization, they are also at higher risk of complications, which may affect quality of life. METHODS AND RESULTS We studied a cohort of 8198 adults who underwent coronary angiography in Alberta, between 2004 and 2008, and completed health-related quality-of-life(More)
TRAF2- and NCK-interacting kinase (TNIK) represents one of the crucial targets for Wnt-activated colorectal cancer. In this study, we curated two datasets and conducted a comprehensive modeling study to explore novel TNIK inhibitors with desirable biopharmaceutical properties. With Dataset I, we derived Comparative Molecular Similarity Indices Analysis(More)