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An oracle is a mechanism against which the tester can decide whether the outputs of the program for the executed test cases are correct. A fundamental problem of software testing is that, in many situations, the oracle is not available or too difficult to apply. A metamorphic testing (MT) method has been proposed to alleviate the oracle problem. MT is an(More)
An " oracle " in software testing is a procedure by which testers can decide whether the output of the program under testing is correct. In some situations, however, the oracle is not available or too difficult to apply. This is known as the " oracle problem ". In other situations, the oracle is often the human tester who checks the testing result manually.(More)
A software product is functionally correct if it behaves according to the functional specification. Compared with other quality aspects of Web search engines such as performance and capacity, functional correctness is more fundamental but its verification suffers from the oracle problem: It is often difficult or impossible to decide whether outcomes of test(More)
Research Online is the open access institutional repository for the University of Wollongong. For further information contact the UOWImproving software testing cost-effectiveness through dynamic partitioning'', in B. Abstract We present a dynamic partitioning strategy that selects test cases using online feedback information. The presented strategy differs(More)
Testing is a major approach for the detection of software defects, including vulnerabilities in security features. This article introduces metamorphic testing (MT), a relatively new testing method, and discusses how the new perspective of MT can help to conduct negative testing as well as to alleviate the oracle problem in the testing of security-related(More)
Software aging refers to the phenomenon that software systems show progressive performance degradation or a sudden crash after longtime execution. It has been reported that this phenomenon closely relates to the exhaustion of system resources. This paper quantitatively studies available system resources under the real-world situation where workload changes(More)