Zhi Quan Wang

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A new criterion is given for choosing the coupling constant in a system of coupled chaotic oscillators to guarantee their synchronization. The criterion is derived from a new observer design methodology based on Lyapunov stability theory. As an example and application, we prove the conjecture that synchronization of two chaotic Chua circuits can be achieved(More)
According to the active power balance principle, the paper analyzed the approximate mathematical model of APF. In order to optimize the control effect of dc bus voltage in APF, PID control method based on improved BP neural network is adopted to do closed-loop control to the system. The two strategies, adding momentum method and adaptive learning rate(More)
Although research concerning the synchronization of chaotic systems is still at an early stage, the literature on the subject is growing at a fast pace, as documented by the surveys of Ogorzalek [1993] and Hasler [1997], and the bibliography by Chen [1997]. In most of the synchronization schemes, the driving signal can be taken as one of the state variables(More)
Motivated by optimal filtering theories, we propose a first-order filtering algorithm to estimate repeatable run-out (RRO) disturbance from position error signal (PES). The new algorithm outperforms the conventional averaging algorithm and provides a faster convergence rate which is crucial to reduce manufacturing time in hard disk drive industry. Utilizing(More)
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