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This paper presents a novel feature selection approach to deal with issues of high dimensionality in biomedical data classification. Extensive research has been performed in the field of pattern recognition and machine learning. Dozens of feature selection methods have been developed in the literature, which can be classified into three main categories:(More)
Many features have been proposed for the detection of microcalcification clusters (MCCs) or classification of benign/malignant MCCs. However, most of them were designed based on the characteristics of MCC. In this paper, 16 features, which have been commonly adopted in many applications, are examined and six new features based on the linear structure are(More)
  • Z Q Wu
  • 1987
A direct relationship between the x-ray intensity ratio and the concentration ratio for bulk and thin specimens has been established by use of a revised full-diffusion model of electron scattering. The suitable ionization cross section, the most important parameter influencing the accuracy of the calculated Cliff-Lorimer factors, has been found after(More)
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