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BACKGROUND A B-cell epitope is a group of residues on the surface of an antigen which stimulates humoral responses. Locating these epitopes on antigens is important for the purpose of effective vaccine design. In recent years, mapping affinity-selected peptides screened from a random phage display library to the native epitope has become popular in epitope(More)
Forsythosides H-J (1-3), three new caffeoyl phenylethanoid glycosides (CPGs), were isolated from the fruits of Forsythia suspense (Thunb.) Vahl., together with six known phenylethanoid glycosides: Forsythoside A (4), Forsythoside F (5), Forsythoside E (6), 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside (7), phenethyl alcohol(More)
BACKGROUND The virtual screening (VS) of lead compounds using molecular docking and pharmacophore detection is now an important tool in drug discovery. VS tasks typically require a combination of several software tools and a molecular graphics system. Thus, the integration of all the requisite tools in a single operating environment could reduce the(More)
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