Zhi Ping Hu

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The Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone (GLV) method is a very ef-cient technique for accelerating point multiplication on elliptic curves with eciently computable endomorphisms. Galbraith, Lin and Scott (J. Cryptol. 24(3), 446-469 (2011)) showed that point multiplication exploiting the 2-dimensional GLV method on a large class of curves over F p 2 was faster than the(More)
Let p 1, p 2,…,p r be distinct odd primes and m = p 1 p 2⋯p r . Let f(x) be a primitive polynomial of degree n over ℤ / m ℤ $\mathbb {Z}/m\mathbb {Z}$ . Denote by L(f) the set of primitive linear recurring sequences generated by f(x). A map ψ on ℤ / m ℤ $\mathbb {Z}/m\mathbb {Z}$ naturally induces a map ψ ̂ $\widehat {\psi }$ on L(f), mapping a sequence ( …(More)
This paper introduces a special family of twisted Edwards curve named Optimal mixed Montgomery-Edwards (OME) curves. The OME curve is proposed by exploiting the fact that every twisted Edwards curve is birationally equivalent to some elliptic curve in Montgomery form. The OME curves achieve optimal group arithmetic for both of twisted Edwards model and(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to evaluate the incidence of de novo malignancy after liver transplantation (LT) and compare with those among the general Chinese population. METHODS A total of 466 patients who had a minimum follow-up time of 6 months were enrolled in the study. All data of medical records and follow up were retrospectively reviewed. (More)
In virtual surgery of minimally invasive vascular intervention, the force feedback is transmitted through the flexible guide wire. The disturbance caused by the flexible deformation would affect the fidelity of the VR (virtual reality) training. SMC (sliding mode control) strategy with delayed-output observer is adopted to suppress the effect of flexible(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel image feature descriptor based on intensity information. In comparison with the widely-used SIFT algorithm, it can be implemented easily, computed efficiently, while at the same time demonstrating high performance under various conditions including the transformation of rotation, scale, viewpoint, illumination and JPEG(More)
Let p ≥ 3 be a prime and e ≥ 2 an integer. Denote σ(x) as a primitive polynomial of degree n over Z/p e Z, and G as the set of primitive linear recurring sequences generated by σ(x). A map ψ on Z/p e Z naturally induces a map ψ on G, mapping a sequence Previous results constructed special maps inducing injective maps on G. Comparatively, for most primitive(More)
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