Zhi-Ning Chen

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Resistance to oxaliplatin (OXA)-based chemotherapy regimens continues to be a major cause of gastric cancer (GC) recurrence and metastasis. We analyzed GC samples and matched non-tumorous control stomach tissues from 280 patients and found that miR-135a was overexpressed in GC samples relative to control tissues. Tumors with high miR-135a expression were(More)
Activation of the transcription factor E2F-1 gene is a negative event in dendritic cell (DC) maturation process. Down-regulation of E2F1 causes immaturity of DC thereby stopping antigen production which in turn leads to inhibition of immune responses. E2F-1-free stimulates the NF-kB signaling pathway, leading to activation of monocytes and several other(More)
CONTEXT Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are responsive to sunitinib (the tyrosine kinase inhibitor), this agent is widely used in prevention relapse of GISTs and neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in GIST patients without operation opportunity. The use of these agents has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can improve the outcome for(More)
A dipole antenna with a double electromagnetic band gap (EBG) reflector is presented for wide operating bandwidth and high gain. The antenna is excited by a printed dipole centrally positioned above the planar double-layered EBG structures which is partially loaded with a ground plane. The simulated and measured results show that a wide impedance bandwidth(More)
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