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In this paper, a customized sparse representation model is proposed to take advantage of the variational information for undersampled face recognition. The proposed model with the mixed norm is a generalization of the extended sparse representation-based classification model. This model guarantees the sparsity of representation coefficient and the(More)
The title compound, dimethyl 10b'-(4-fluorostyryl)-8',9'-dimethoxy-4-nitro-5',6'-dihydrospiro[9H-fluorene-9,1'(10b'H)-pyrrolo[2,1-a]isoquinoline]-2',3'-dicarboxylate, C38H31FN2O8, is a new photochromic tetrahydroindolizine. One of the C-C bonds at the spiro C atom is very long [1.630 (2) A], thus explaining the photochromic behaviour.
BACKGROUND Studies in vivo have shown that dexmedetomidine (DEX) could protect the myocardium and modulate the coronary blood flow. This study aimed to investigate the direct and concentration-dependent effects of DEX on the tone of porcine coronary artery in vitro and the underlying mechanisms. MATERIAL AND METHODS Distal branches of the porcine anterior(More)
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