Zhi-Min Tang

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OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of Xuefu Zhuyu decoction (XZD) on the chronic hepatitis B caused liver fibrosis (CHBLF) and the portal hemodynamics. METHODS Sixty patients with CHBLF were randomly divided into two groups, the 28 patients in the treated group were treated with oral intake of XZD and conventional liver protective treatment, the 32 patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To seek effective drugs for anti-hepatitis C virus by screening 20 Chinese herbs often used for clearing heat and dissipating toxin with nude mice model of hepatitis C viral (HCV) infection. METHODS After the model mice had been treated with selected drug for 3 months, transmission electron microscope was used to observe whether the HCV-like(More)
Inheritance together with virtual functions in C++ provides programmers much polymorphism, an important facility of object-oriented design and programming. However, they can hardly be applied to enrich a family of classes (including the base classes and their derived classes) with some common features. Multiple inheritance and virtual base classes are(More)
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