Zhi-Min Gu

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Nowadays, we are heading towards integrating hundreds to thousands of cores on a single chip. However, traditional system software and middleware are not well suited to manage and provide services at such large scale. To improve the scalability and adaptability of operating system and middleware services on future many-core platform, we propose the pinned(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the cognitive impairment in patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS Relevant articles were identified through a search of the following electronic databases through October 2015, without language restriction: 1) PubMed; 2) the Cochrane Library; 3) EMBASE; 4) ScienceDirect. Meta-analysis was conducted using(More)
Helper threaded prefetching based on chip multiprocessor has been shown to reduce memory latency and improve overall system performance, and has been explored in linked data structures accesses. In our earlier work, we had proposed an effective threaded prefetching technique that balances delinquent loads between main thread and helper thread to improve(More)
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