Zhi-Luo Deng

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The 3D chromatin structure modeling by chromatin interactions derived from Hi-C experiments is significantly challenged by the intrinsic sequencing biases in these experiments. Conventional modeling methods only focus on the bias among different chromatin regions within the same experiment but neglect the bias arising from different experimental sequencing(More)
Computational prediction of RNA-binding residues is helpful in uncovering the mechanisms underlying protein-RNA interactions. Traditional algorithms individually applied feature- or template-based prediction strategy to recognize these crucial residues, which could restrict their predictive power. To improve RNA-binding residue prediction, herein we propose(More)
Both recent studies and our calculation suggest that the physicochemical properties of launched drugs changed continuously over the past decades. Besides shifting of commonly used properties, the average biological relevance (BR) and similarity to natural products (NPs) of launched drugs decreased, reflecting the fact that current drug discovery deviated(More)
We reconstructed the first genome-scale metabolic network of the plant pathogen Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum PC1 based on its genomic sequence, annotation, and physiological data. Metabolic characteristics were analyzed using flux balance analysis (FBA), and the results were afterwards validated by phenotype microarray (PM) experiments. The(More)
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