Zhi Liang Wang

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Some recent results from research conducted in the EMC group at Okayama Universiry are reviewed A scheme for power-bus modeling with an analytical method is introduced. A linear macro-model for ICdLSIs. called the LECCS model, has been developed for EM and EMS simulation. This model has a very simple structure and is suficiently accurate. Combining the(More)
Bacterial communities from freshwater lakes are shaped by various factors such as nutrients, pH value, temperature, etc. Their compositions and relative abundances would undergo changes to adapt the changing environments, and in turn could affect the environments of freshwater lakes. Analyses of the freshwater lake's bacterial communities under different(More)
The Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) is an endangered bird species and while the wild population continues to decrease in China, the captive population has dramatically increased over the last two decades. We hypothesized that some of the captive Red-crowned Cranes originated from the wild and that a growing captive population is eroding the wild(More)
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