Zhi Li Feng

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Spherical nanoparticles as a classic delivery vehicle for anticancer drugs have been extensively investigated, but study on the shape of nanoparticles has received little attention until now. Here, a nonspherical poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)-stabilized bilayer nanodisk consisting of 1,2-distearyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DSPC) and PEG5000-glyceryl(More)
A novel X-shaped four-armed gemini-like peglyated distearylglycerol (Gemini-PEG2K-GCDS), with two hydrophilic PEG heads and two hydrophobic stearic acid tails, was successfully synthesized and used as a nanomicellar carrier for delivery of doxorubicin. The critical micelle concentration of the amphiphilic copolymer was higher than 10(-6). Mean particle size(More)
Based on agricultural statistical and investigating data on farmers, amount, distribution density and amount per capita of crop straw resources of seven western provinces of China were estimated, the trends of amount dynamics from 1997 to 2011 and distribution and utilization of crop straw resources were analyzed, and the constraints of comprehensive(More)
Bacterial community structure is influenced by vegetation, climate and soil chemical properties. To evaluate these influences, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) and cloning of the 16S rRNA gene were used to analyze the soil bacterial communities in different ecosystems in southwestern China. We compared (1) broad-leaved forest,(More)
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