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When exploiting the deep resources, the surrounding rock readily undergoes the hole shrinkage, borehole collapse, and loss of circulation under high temperature and high pressure. A series of experiments were conducted to discuss the compressional wave velocity, triaxial strength, and permeability of granite cored from 3500 meters borehole under high(More)
There is tremendous effort put in the pursuit for cheap and efficient catalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution systems. Herein, we report an active catalyst that uses the earth-abundant element cobalt and water-dispersible sulfonated graphene. The photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity of the catalyst was tested by using triethanolamine (TEOA) as(More)
Cross-dehydrogenative-coupling reaction has long been recognized as a powerful tool to form a C-C bond directly from two different C-H bonds. Most current processes are performed by making use of stoichiometric amounts of oxidizing agents. We describe here a new type of reaction, namely cross-coupling hydrogen evolution (CCHE), with no use of any(More)
The intermittent connectivity is very familiar in mobile wireless networks because of the constraint of communication range, interfere and attenuation of the signal etc. Therefore, store-carry-forward becomes an important routing mode in the intermittently connected mobile networks (ICMNs), and some node must carry the message when the wireless(More)
In terms of vehicle emission research, it is necessary to measure the real-time emission data of vehicle without affecting its normal operation. At present, portable emission measurement system is utilized to obtain vehicle emission parameters accurately under the actual operating conditions. This paper introduces a data analysis system based on MATLAB/GUI(More)
In this paper, aimed at the negative pressure isolation ward with the characteristics of multiple variables, strong coupling and instability, according to the research of latest isolation environmental air current structure and based on the conventional PID control, this paper uses fuzzy inference to achieve the parameters of PID on-line adaptive setting,(More)
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