Zhi Hui Loh

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The advent of microwave technology has intensified the search for pharmaceuticals amenable to microwave processing. This study investigated the influences of powder load, diluent particle size and amount of granulating liquid employed on the microwave-assisted drying and stability of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)-loaded granules in a single pot high shear(More)
Recently, microwave-induced melt granulation was shown to be a promising alternative to conventional melt granulation with improved process monitoring capabilities. This study aimed to compare the physicochemical and compaction properties of granules produced from microwave-induced and conventional melt granulation. Powder admixtures comprising equivalent(More)
Pellet coating is traditionally carried out using the Wurster coater. This study investigated the feasibility of pellet coating in a newly developed coater built with a unique airflow system, the Supercell™ coater (GEA Pharma Systems, UK). A full factorial design study was carried out to evaluate the influences of the spray rate of the coating dispersion,(More)
Aerosolisation performance of hygroscopic particles of colistin could be compromised at elevated humidity due to increased capillary forces. Co-spray drying colistin with a hydrophobic drug is known to provide a protective coating on the composite particle surfaces against moisture-induced reduction in aerosolisation performance; however, the effects of(More)
BACKGROUND There are no commercially available nasal irrigation solutions containing corticosteroids. Instead, such preparations are extemporaneously prepared by adding existing corticosteroid formulations to nasal irrigation solutions. The stability of the corticosteroid betamethasone 17-valerate (B17V), in nasal irrigation solutions of different(More)
Microwave-induced high shear melt granulation was compared with conventional melt granulation performed in the same processor. Admixtures of lactose 200M and anhydrous dicalcium phosphate were granulated with polyethylene glycol 3350. Different heating mechanisms in the two processes necessitated the use of different parameters for process monitoring and(More)
The rising popularity of microwaves for drying, material processing and quality sensing has fuelled the need for knowledge concerning dielectric properties of common pharmaceutical materials. This article represents one of the few reports on the density and moisture content dependence of the dielectric properties of primary pharmaceutical materials and(More)
Binder distribution in the powder mass during high shear granulation is especially critical with the use of viscous liquid binders and with short processing times. A viscous liquid binder was delivered into the powder mass at two flow rates using three methods: pouring, pumping and spraying from a pressure pot. Binder content analyses at the scale of(More)
Respiratory infections represent a major global health problem. They are often treated by parenteral administrations of antimicrobials. Unfortunately, systemic therapies of high-dose antimicrobials can lead to severe adverse effects and this calls for a need to develop inhaled formulations that enable targeted drug delivery to the airways with minimal(More)
Crospovidone is a commonly used tablet disintegrant. However, the synthetic disintegrant has been known to be hygroscopic and high moisture content in crospovidone used could exert deleterious effects on tablets formulated with it. The objective of this study was to elicit a better understanding between crospovidone-water interaction and its effect on(More)