Zhi Hu

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INTRODUCTION HJURP (Holliday Junction Recognition Protein) is a newly discovered gene reported to function at centromeres and to interact with CENPA. However its role in tumor development remains largely unknown. The goal of this study was to investigate the clinical significance of HJURP in breast cancer and its correlation with radiotherapeutic outcome.(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer is a heterogeneous disease resulting from the accumulation of genetic defects that negatively impact control of cell division, motility, adhesion and apoptosis. Deregulation in signaling along the EgfR-MAPK pathway is common in breast cancer, though the manner in which deregulation occurs varies between both individuals and cancer(More)
RNA interference (RNAi) is an endogenous post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanism, where non-coding, double-stranded RNA molecules interfere with the expression of certain genes in order to silence it. Since its discovery, this phenomenon has evolved as powerful technology to diagnose and treat diseases at cellular and molecular levels. With a lot of(More)
High dose ionizing radiation (IR) is a well-known risk factor for breast cancer but the health effects after low-dose (LD, <10 cGy) exposures remain highly uncertain. We explored a systems approach that compared LD-induced chromosome damage and transcriptional responses in strains of mice with genetic differences in their sensitivity to radiation-induced(More)
The Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone (GLV) method is a very ef-cient technique for accelerating point multiplication on elliptic curves with eciently computable endomorphisms. Galbraith, Lin and Scott (J. Cryptol. 24(3), 446-469 (2011)) showed that point multiplication exploiting the 2-dimensional GLV method on a large class of curves over F p 2 was faster than the(More)
Let p 1, p 2,…,p r be distinct odd primes and m = p 1 p 2⋯p r . Let f(x) be a primitive polynomial of degree n over ℤ / m ℤ $\mathbb {Z}/m\mathbb {Z}$ . Denote by L(f) the set of primitive linear recurring sequences generated by f(x). A map ψ on ℤ / m ℤ $\mathbb {Z}/m\mathbb {Z}$ naturally induces a map ψ ̂ $\widehat {\psi }$ on L(f), mapping a sequence ( …(More)
BACKGROUND Polyamines regulate important cellular functions and polyamine dysregulation frequently occurs in cancer. The objective of this study was to use a systems approach to study the relative effects of PG-11047, a polyamine analogue, across breast cancer cells derived from different patients and to identify genetic markers associated with differential(More)