Zhi-Hong Luo

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OBJECTIVE To study the impact of environmental changes on the distribution and the growth and decline of Oncomelania snails in Dongting Lake beaches after the implementation of Three Gorges Project. METHODS T-embankment of Junshan District where there was a greater human factor related to the snail spread and a lake beach named Dongkou of Junshan District(More)
This paper describes the epidemic status and current endemic features of schistosomiasis in Dongting Lake area and analyzes the achievements and weakness of various control measures. It also summarizes the characteristics of epidemic situation in the Dongting Lake region, which indicates the long-term and the arduous work in the future for the control of(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the main endemic indicators and their changing trend of schistosomiasis since the founding of new China for 60 years in Dongting Lake regions. METHODS A variety of archival data on schistosomiasis epidemiology and control were collected, and several mathematical models were applied to estimate the main endemic indicators of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of ditching for drain on the control of the breed of Oncomelania hupensis snails in beaches of Dongting Lake. METHODS From November, 2009 to November, 2012, an 0. hupensis snail infested beach of the Yueyang jail and an O. hupensis snail infested beach of Junshan District were selected as research fields in the eastern(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the role of socio-economy and management in the sustainable schistosomiasis-control in Taoyuan County, an endemic area in hilly region, Hunan Province, China. METHODS From 1996 to 2011, the data of socio-economy, the management of schistosomiasis control organizations, environment, and the changes in schistosomiasis prevalence were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the current distribution of susceptible areas of schistosomiasis outside embankment, so as to provide the evidence for making comprehensive measures in Hunan Province. METHODS The outside embankment areas where Oncomelania snails possibly or historically distributed and people and animals had activities were surveyed. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the effect of comprehensive schistosomiasis control measures with focus on buffalo and sheep removal in Anxiang City, Dongting Lake area. METHODS The data of buffalo and sheep removal, routine schistosomiasis control measures such as disease detection and treatment, Oncomelania snail survey and control, as well as health education(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the status of depression in patients with advanced schistosomiasis and its influencing factors, so as to provide the evidence for improving psychological interventions. METHODS A total of 206 patients with advanced schistosomiasis were investigated with the self-designed general information questionnaire, the Self-Rating Depression(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the distribution, classification and reformation of all sluices located in the Dongting Lake region, and found out the relationship between irrigation and Oncomelania snail diffusion. METHODS The information of sluices and their reformation were collected from the local Department of Water Resources and the information of snail(More)
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