Zhi-Hao Ma

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Entanglement monotones, such as the concurrence, are useful tools to characterize quantum correlations in various physical systems. The computation of the concurrence involves, however, difficult optimizations and only for the simplest case of two qubits a closed formula was found by Wootters [Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 2245 (1998)]. We show how this approach can(More)
In this work, we made progress on the problem that [ symbol: see text] is a Banach algebra under schur product. Our results extend Tonge's results. We also obtained estimates for the norm of the random quadralinear form A:l(r)(M) x l(p)(N) x l(q)(K) x l(s)(H)-->C, defined by: A(e(i), e(j), e(k), e(s))=a(ijks), where the (a(ijks))'s are uniformly bounded,(More)
We consider an alternative formula for the negativity based on a simple generalization of the concurrence. We use the formula to bound the amount of entanglement in a superposition of two bipartite pure states of arbitrary dimension. Various examples indicate that our bounds are tighter than the previously known results.
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