Zhi-Guo Wang

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To explain how individuals' self-perceived long-term mate value influences their mate preference and mate choice, two hypotheses have been presented, which are "potentials-attract" and "likes-attract", respectively. The potentials-attract means that people choose mates matched with their sex-specific traits indicating reproductive potentials; and the(More)
This paper presents a comparison and evaluation between the conventional maximum likelihood estimation based adaptation and different discriminative adaptation criteria. The performance of different LR and MAP adaptation are compared respectively, and the strategies of first applying LR then MAP based on both MLE and DT criteria are evaluated. The effect of(More)
In this paper appropriate confidence measures (CMs) are investigated for Mandarin command word recognition, both in the so-called target region and non-target region, respectively. Here the target region refers to the recognized speech part of command word while the non-target region refers to the recognized silence part. It shows that exploiting extra(More)
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