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Protein multiple sequence alignment is an important bioinformatics tool. It has important applications in biological evolution analysis and protein structure prediction. A variety of alignment algorithms in this field have achieved great success. However, each algorithm has its own inherent deficiencies. In this paper, permutation similarity is proposed to(More)
In this paper, a specific online judge for automata is designed. System architecture is developed according to it. Model representations, judging strategies and feasibility of automatic judge are also explored. Different judging methods are introduced corresponding to each model, ensures the accuracy and efficiency. The advantages when applied to education(More)
A new algorithm of image layer-presentation was proposed. The key concept of the algorithm was in that the image grayscale function f(x,y), which was comparatively irregular, was approximated by a series of high-regular grayscale functions gn(x,y). The algorithm had the feature of fast convergence and so it was a good approximator. Due to its(More)
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