Zhi-Gang Wei

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In this paper we quantitatively model degree of automation (DofA) in supervisory control as a function of the number and nature of tasks to be performed by the operator and automation. This model uses a task weighting scheme in which weighting factors are obtained from task demand load, task mental load, and task effect on system performance. The(More)
PURPOSE S100A4 is a member of the S100 family of calcium-binding proteins. Members of the S100 family have been implicated in a variety of cellular events, including growth, signaling, differentiation, and motility. It has been suggested that S100A4 modulates cell shape and motility by interacting with components of the cytoskeleton. In the present study,(More)
BACKGROUND Although there has been considerable progress made towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of bud dormancy, the roles of protein phosphorylation in the process of dormancy regulation in woody plants remain unclear. RESULTS We used mass spectrometry combined with TiO₂ phosphopeptide-enrichment strategies to investigate the phosphoproteome(More)
In aerobic organisms, protection against oxidative damage involves the combined action of highly specialized antioxidant enzymes, such as copper-zinc superoxide dismutase. In this work, a cDNA clone which encodes a copper-zinc superoxide dismutase gene, named PS-CuZnSOD, has been identified from P. sibiricum Laxm. by the rapid amplification of cDNA ends(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic therapy is recommended for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, conventional first-line treatment has generated a plateau in response rate of 25% to 35%. Few studies have shown patients benefit from microwave ablation (MWA) in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This study aims to evaluate safety and efficacy(More)
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