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In the present paper, the authors introduce two new subclasses C (k) (λ, α) of close-to-convex functions and QC (k) (λ, α) of quasi-convex functions with respect to k-symmetric points. The integral representations and convolution conditions for these classes are provided. Some coefficient inequalities for functions belonging to these classes and their(More)
Keywords: Meromorphic functions Multivalent functions Dziok–Srivastava linear operator Hadamard product (or convolution) Subordination between analytic functions Generalized hypergeometric function Symmetric points Conjugate points Symmetric conjugate points a b s t r a c t In the present paper, we introduce and investigate each of the following new(More)
Our ability to create systems with large amount of hardware parallelism is exceeding the average software developer's ability to effectively program them. This is a problem that plagues our industry. Since the vast majority of the world's software developers are not parallel programming experts, making it easy to write, port, and debug applications with(More)