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The paper proposes the design model of waterborne GIS based on Web and MAS on the feature of multi-source heterogenous geospatial information and the complexity of the system. It proposes the cooperative algorithms and strategy among MAS, as well as the analysis on the complexity and feature of the cooperative algorithms. It designs and implements the(More)
This paper applies the up-to-date intelligent simulation ant colony algorithm to dynamic container truck scheduling. It proposes to take in real-time traffic information through GPRS and to solve the problem on container truck scheduling with consideration of the optimal capability of ant colony in the searching process of food resources. Meanwhile, it puts(More)
On the characteristics of multi-source and mass data of GIS, this paper analyzes and designs the architecture model of WebGIS based on Multi-agent. Moreover, in order to improve the dynamic processing capacity of the system, the paper makes a further study on the manager-agent decision algorithms of the model.
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