Zhi-Gang Jiang

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Living cells continually generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) through the respiratory chain during energetic metabolism. ROS at low or moderate concentration can play important physiological roles. However, an excessive amount of ROS under oxidative stress would be extremely deleterious. The central nervous system (CNS) is particularly vulnerable to(More)
The quantum Hall effect (QHE), one example of a quantum phenomenon that occurs on a truly macroscopic scale, has attracted intense interest since its discovery in 1980 and has helped elucidate many important aspects of quantum physics. It has also led to the establishment of a new metrological standard, the resistance quantum. Disappointingly, however, the(More)
The quantum Hall (QH) effect in two-dimensional electrons and holes in high quality graphene samples is studied in strong magnetic fields up to 45 T. QH plateaus at filling factors nu = 0, +/-1, +/-4 are discovered at magnetic fields B > 20 T, indicating the lifting of the fourfold degeneracy of the previously observed QH states at nu = +/-4(absolute(More)
The quantum Hall effect near the charge neutrality point in bilayer graphene is investigated in high magnetic fields of up to 35 T using electronic transport measurements. In the high-field regime, the eightfold degeneracy in the zero-energy Landau level is completely lifted, exhibiting new quantum Hall states corresponding to filling factors nu=0, 1, 2,(More)
We investigate the quantum Hall (QH) states near the charge-neutral Dirac point of a high mobility graphene sample in high magnetic fields. We find that the QH states at filling factors nu=+/-1 depend only on the perpendicular component of the field with respect to the graphene plane, indicating that they are not spin related. A nonlinear magnetic field(More)
We report infrared studies of the Landau level (LL) transitions in single layer graphene. Our specimens are density tunable and show in situ half-integer quantum Hall plateaus. Infrared transmission is measured in magnetic fields up to B=18 T at selected LL fillings. Resonances between hole LLs and electron LLs, as well as resonances between hole and(More)
We report on infrared spectroscopy of bilayer graphene integrated in gated structures. We observe a significant asymmetry in the optical conductivity upon electrostatic doping of electrons and holes. We show that this finding arises from a marked asymmetry between the valence and conduction bands, which is mainly due to the inequivalence of the two(More)
BACKGROUND Quantifying vigilance and exploring the underlying mechanisms has been the subject of numerous studies. Less attention has focused on the complex interplay between contributing factors such as reproductive status, social rank, sex and group size. Reproductive status and social rank are of particular interest due to their association with mating(More)
Global climate change appears to be one of the main threats to biodiversity in the near future and is already affecting the distribution of many species. Currently threatened species are a special concern while the extent to which they are sensitive to climate change remains uncertain. Przewalski's gazelle (Procapra przewalskii) is classified as endangered(More)
Leucine-rich repeat (LRR) containing proteins play an essential role in signal transduction, cell adhesion, cell development, DNA repair and RNA processing. Here we cloned a novel gene, Spata34, encoding a LRR containing protein of 415 aa. Spata34 gene consisted of 9 exons and 8 introns and mapped to chromosome 3qA3. Spata34 is conserved across species in(More)