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We propose a discriminative feature selection method utilizing support vector machines for the challenging task of multiview face recognition. According to the statistical relationship between the two tasks, feature selection and multiclass classification, we integrate the two tasks into a single consistent framework and effectively realize the goal of(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the differentiation and development of skin stem cells on corneal stroma and to discuss the possibility of reconstructing corneal epithelium with skin stem cells. METHODS Pieces of human and rabbit skin were obtained during operation. Rabbit eye balls were taken, and pieces of corneal stroma without epithelium were prepared. Skin stem(More)
According to statistical learning theory, we propose a feature selection method using support vector machines (SVMs). By exploiting the power of SVMs, we integrate the two tasks, feature selection and classifier training, into a single consistent framework and make the feature selection process more effective. Our experiments show that our SVM feature(More)
In recent years, many document image retrieval algorithms have been proposed. However, most of the current approaches either need good quality images or depend on the page layout structure. This paper presents a fast, accurate and OCR-free image retrieval algorithm using local feature sequences which can describe the intrinsic, unique and page-layout-free(More)
In this paper, we present local patterns constrained image histograms (LPCIH) for efficient image retrieval. Extracting information through combining local texture patterns with global image histogram, LPCIH is an effective image feature representation method with a flexible image segmentation process. This kind of feature representation is robust and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficiency of interleukin-1alpha on intraocular pressure reduction and its safety. METHODS 35 New Zealand female rabbits were randomized into seven groups. In group-A, one eye was randomly selected to receive sub-conjunctival injection of 15 ng IL-1alpha, and in group B-D, one eye was injected intracamerally with IL-1alpha 1.5(More)
The Notch signaling pathway has been implicated in the regulation of cell-fate decisions such as differentiation of embryo stem cells and neural stem cells into neurons. We cultured human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) in vitro and induced hMSCs to differentiate into neural cells by beta-mercaptoethanol (beta-ME), DMSO and 3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole(More)
Full length sequence of lactate dehydrogenase gene was amplified by PCR from the genomic DNA of Plasmodium vivax Hainan isolate, and named as PvLDH/HN (GenBank No. FJ527750). Sequence analysis showed that the gene had 951 bp, coding 316 aa. Compared with PvLDH/Salvador and PvLDH/Belem, the nucleotide sequence homology of PvLDH/HN was both 99.89%, while the(More)