Zhi-Fei Wang

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In order to reduce the dimensionality of feature vector space and reduce the computing complexity of categorization, each document of the train set is summarized automatically and two approaches to text categorization based on these summaries are proposed: in the first approach, the text summarization is directly used for feature selection and(More)
This study collected demographic data, past history, personal history, family history, dosage, solvent, combined medication information of adverse reaction cases from a prospective, multi center, large sample intensive hospital monitoring, and found the influencing factors with cross-tab analysis. The results showed that in the medication group of 19-45,(More)
Pharmacoeconomics is an important part of the postmarketing Chinese medicine (CM) evaluation, and postmarketing pharmacoeconomic evaluation can reveal the clinical and market value of CM. The purpose of establishing the guideline for pharmacoeconomic evaluation is to make the evaluation process and results regarding Chinese patent medicines both scientific(More)
Shenfu injection is developed by improving dosage form of ancient prescription "Shenfu Tang" and is mainly derived from extracts of both traditional Chinese medicine red ginseng and prepared lateral root of monkshood with polysorbate 80 as auxiliary material. Shenfu injection may be administered through intramuscular injection, intravenous drip or(More)
To analyze the clinical characteristics and combined use of chemical and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) medicine of hospitalized patients with psoriasis base on real world database, 2 991 cases of hospitalized patients with psoriasis in hospital information system (HIS) database from 16 hospitals in China were analyzed for general hospitalization(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the effect on liver function of parenterally administered Shuxuetong Injection with different doses. METHOD The study is based on hospital information system (HIS) data. We group the cases by dose: The observation group receive a dose > 6 mL (recommended daily dose), the matched group receive the recommended dose. Chi-square test,(More)
Integrated network analysis was used in this paper to analyze Xiyanping injection combined therapy for hand-foot-mouth disease based on the registered research data of 3 204 cases. It was found that the drug combination therapy was almost consistent with the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hand foot mouth disease, but there were some problems(More)
To analyze the regularity in combined medication with Xiyanping injection (Xiyanping for short) in the real world by as- sociation rules. Totally 5 822 patients using Xiyanping injection was collected from the 18 Class III Grade I hospitals nationwide to study the combined medication information of the patient with lung infection and make the analysis by(More)
This article focused on early warning signals regarding the safety of parenterally administered Xiyanping. The study data was obtained from reports made between 2005-2012 from the national spontaneous reporting system (SRS). Proportion reporting ratio (PRR) and Bayesian confidence propagation neural network (BCPNN) algorithms were used to analyse: erythra,(More)
This article systematically summarizes the non-clinical safety studies, pharmacological studies and postmarketing safety studies of Xiyanping injection based on literature. These studies include acute toxicity test, long-term toxicity test, reproductive toxicity test, active and passive anaphylaxis test, curative mechanism study, clinical trials of(More)