Zhi-Cheng Chen

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Columnaristerol A (1), a rare natural 19-norsterol possessing a 10β-hydroxy group was isolated from the Formosan octocoral Nephthea columnaris, and its structure was elucidated by spectroscopic methods. Sterol 1 was found to be a cytotoxic agent that exhibited in vitro moderate cytotoxic activity against MOLT-4 and SUP-T1 human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines.
The study on neural systems is very hot, especially regarding modelling of fuzzy neural networks. The neuron models have been limited in interval [0,1] before. This paper studies the logic operators and neuron models of proposition object based on [a, b]. Any interval [a, b] is called a generalized interval. Firstly, authors provide the conception of(More)
The methods of fuzzy cluster and curve-fitting combined with FTIR were used to determine the origins of Herba Abri cantoniensis and Herba Abri mollis. The spectra of Herba Abri cantoniensis and Herba Abri mollis are similar, both with typical spectral shapes. The two spectra can be divided into 3 parts: the 1st is 3 500-2 800 cm(-1), containing stretching(More)
The methods of sequential analysis of dual-indexes and cluster analysis were utilized to investigate the infrared fingerprints of A. cantoniensis planted in different years and different places in Guangxi, China. The results showed that 6 samples were able to be completely separated only through 13 point smoothing, when the dual-indexes analysis was applied(More)
BACKGROUND The shell of Haliotis diversicolor, or shijueming (SJM), is a type of traditional Chinese medicine. The SJM has appeared in historical records as early as the third and fourth centuries. Historical records have revealed that SJM had mainly been used to treat eye diseases. After the Qing Dynasty (1757), records had emerged, detailing the use of(More)
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