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Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is a scaling analysis method used to quantify long-range power-law correlations in signals. Many physical and biological signals are "noisy," heterogeneous, and exhibit different types of nonstationarities, which can affect the correlation properties of these signals. We systematically study the effects of three types of(More)
—This paper evaluates the real-time price-based demand response (DR) management for residential appliances via stochastic optimization and robust optimization approaches. The proposed real-time price-based DR management application can be imbedded into smart meters and automatically executed on-line for determining the optimal operation of residential(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular classification of breast cancer is an important prognostic factor. The distribution of molecular subtypes of breast cancer and their prognostic value has not been well documented in Asians. METHODS A total of 2,791 breast cancer patients recruited for a population-based cohort study were evaluated for molecular subtypes of breast(More)
In this paper, we consider a three node, two-way relay system with digital network coding. The aim is to minimize total energy consumption while ensuring queue stability at all nodes, for a given pair of random packet arrival rates. Specifically, we allow for a set of transmission modes and solve for the optimal fraction of resources allocated to each mode.(More)
Late diagnosis of hepatocarcinoma (HCC) is one of the most primary factors for the poor survival of patients. Thereby, identification of sensitive and specific biomarkers for HCC early diagnosis is of great importance in biological medicine to date. In the present study, serum metabolites of the HCC patients and healthy controls were investigated using the(More)