Zhi-Bin Huang

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This study investigated the effects of fosinopril on the electrophysiological characteristics of the left ventricular hypertrophic myocardium in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs). Twenty-four 10-week-old male SHRs were divided into fosinopril and non-fosinopril groups (n = 12 each). Twelve 10-week-old Wistar–Kyoto rats were used a control group. Left(More)
An efficient and diastereoselective synthetic procedure for highly functionalized tetrahydroacenaphtho[1,2- $$b$$ b ]indolone derivatives was successfully developed by the three-component reaction of acenaphthequinone, enaminones, and barbituric acid in the presence of a catalytic amount of L-proline. This method has the advantages of convenient operation,(More)
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