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The interactions between coal gangue and pine sawdust during the combustion process were studied using thermogravimetric analysis. The effect of the blending ratio, oxygen concentration and heating rate on the weight loss (TG) and differential thermogravimetric (TGA) profiles was examined. The TG and DTG curves of the blends were not additives of those of(More)
Effect of biochar addition on hydrogen and methane production in two-phase anaerobic digestion of aqueous carbohydrates was studied using bench-scale bioreactors. The cultures with biochar additions were placed in 100ml reactors and incubated at 35°C and pH 5 for hydrogen production. The residual cultures were then used for methane production, incubated at(More)
A comprehensive particle scale model for pyrolysis of biomass has been developed by coupling the reaction mechanisms and transport phenomena. The model, which also accounts for the combined effect of various parameters such as particle shrinkage and drying, was validated using available experimental data from the literature. The validated model was then(More)
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