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Morphological patterns and structural features play crucial roles in the physical properties of functional materials. In this paper, the mechanical properties of grafold, an architecture of folded graphene nanoribbon, are investigated via molecular dynamics simulations and intriguing features are discovered. In contrast to graphene, grafold is found to(More)
We show that certain three-dimensional (3D) superlattice nanostructure based on Bi2Te3 topological insulator thin films has better thermoelectric performance than two-dimensional (2D) thin films. The 3D superlattice shows a predicted peak value of ZT of approximately 6 for gapped surface states at room temperature and retains a high figure of merit ZT of(More)
In this paper, a new nanostructure is proposed, namely, the knitted graphene-nanoribbon sheet (KGS), which consists of zigzag and/or armchair graphene nanoribbons. The knitting technology is introduced to graphene nanotechnology to produce large area graphene sheets. Compared with pristine graphene, the chirality of a knitted graphene-nanoribbon sheet is(More)
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