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We study the <i>mergeability</i> of data summaries. Informally speaking, mergeability requires that, given two summaries on two data sets, there is a way to merge the two summaries into a single summary on the union of the two data sets, while preserving the error and size guarantees. This property means that the summaries can be merged in a way like other(More)
Maximum independent set (MIS) is a fundamental problem in graph theory and it has important applications in many areas such as social network analysis, graphical information systems and coding theory. The problem is NP-hard, and there has been numerous studies on its approximate solutions. While successful to a certain degree, the existing methods require(More)
Database queries can be broadly classified into two categories: reporting queries and aggregation queries. The former retrieves a collection of records from the database that match the query's conditions, while the latter returns an aggregate, such as count, sum, average, or max (min), of a particular attribute of these records. Aggregation queries are(More)
Large-scale matrix computation becomes essential for many data data applications, and hence the problem of sketching matrix with small space and high precision has received extensive study for the past few years. This problem is often considered in the row-update streaming model, where the data set is a matrix A -- R<sup>n x d</sup>, and the processor(More)