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—Reconfigurable all-optical code translation are demonstrated in a spectrally phase-coded optical-code-division multiple-access (O-CDMA) testbed with an interference user. For both one-stage and two-stage code translations, less than 0.9-dB power penalties are induced at each code translation. Multistage code translations are investigated via simulation and(More)
— For next generation Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) programs, a main objective is significant improvements in vehicle safety, reliability, and operational costs. Novel approaches are required in order to deliver a RLV to its landing site safely and reliably, recover the vehicle under some failures, and avoid mission abort as much as possible. One of such(More)
When a reusable launch vehicle (RLV) experiences a failure, it is crucial to recover the vehicle from such failure in real time. Our previous works proposed a scheme of motion primitives (MPs) and neighboring optimal control (NOC) to deal with on-line trajectory reshaping on approach and landing (A&L). Furthermore, a robustifying term was introduced to(More)
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