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Comprehensive molecular analyses of phylogenetic relationships within euplotid ciliates are relatively rare, and the relationships among some families remain questionable. We performed phylogenetic(More)
Traditionally the unusual ciliate Paraspathidium has been regarded as a gymnostome haptorid (Litostomatea) based on its morphological features. In order to test this placement, the small-subunit(More)
The morphology and infraciliature of two new marine urostylid ciliates, Metaurostylopsis struederkypkeae n. sp. and Thigmokeronopsis stoecki n. sp., collected from the coastal waters off Qingdao(More)
The small subunit rRNA (SSrRNA) genes of seven species of urostyloids representing four genera were sequenced. These were: Apokeronopsis crassa, A. bergeri, Anteholosticha sp-QD-1, Metaurostylopsis(More)
Pathogenic scuticociliates, which are common in the haemolymph or tissues of maricultured animals and often cause serious diseases, are a species-rich assemblage with mostly unresolved systematic(More)