Zhenzhen Xue

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This paper describes the method we use in the diversity task of web track in TREC 2009. The problem we aim to solve is the diversification of search results for ambiguous web queries. We present a model based on knowledge of the diversity of query subtopics to generate a diversified ranking for retrieved documents. We expand the original query into several(More)
Web 2.0 has led to the development and evolution of web-based communities and applications. These communities provide places for information sharing and collaboration. They also open the door for inappropriate online activities, such as harassment, in which some users post messages in a virtual community that are intentionally offensive to other members of(More)
Social tagging systems have become increasingly popular for sharing and organizing web resources. Tag prediction is a common feature of social tagging systems. Social tagging by nature is an incremental process, meaning that once a user has saved a web page with tags, the tagging system can provide more accurate predictions for the user, based on user's(More)
Collaborative tagging systems are now deployed extensively to help users share and organize resources. Tag prediction and recommendation systems generally model user behavior as research has shown that accuracy can be significantly improved by modeling users’ preferences. However, these preferences are usually treated as constant over time, neglecting the(More)
The use of computer mediated communication has resulted in a new form of written text—Microtext—which is very different from well-written text. Tweets and SMS messages, which have limited length and may contain misspellings, slang, or abbreviations, are two typical examples of microtext. Microtext poses new challenges to standard natural language processing(More)
An investigation of the hydrophilic constituents of the stem bark of Magnolia officinalis was performed and which led to isolation and identification of twenty-one previously unreported glycosides. These included eleven phenylethanoid glycosides, magnolosides F-P, and ten phenolic glycosides, magnolosides Q-Z, along with eight known compounds. Their(More)
A taxonomy organizes concepts or topics in a hierarchical structure and can be created manually or via automated systems. A major drawback of taxonomies is that they require users to have the same view of the topics as the taxonomy creator. Users who do not share that mental taxonomy are likely to have difficulty in finding the desired topic. In this paper,(More)
Magnoliae officinalis cortex (MOC), derived from Magnolia officinalis and its variation M. officinalis var. biloba, is an important traditional Chinese medicine. In our previous work, 11 hydrophilic ingredients of MOC were isolated and structurally elucidated and four, namely syringin (SG), magnoloside A (MA), magnoloside B (MB) and magnoflorine (MF),(More)
YouTube is one of online video sharing platform that contains several videos and users promoting hate and extremism .Because of low barrier to publication and anonymity, YouTube is misused as a platform by most of users and communities to post negative videos spreading hatred against a particular religion, country or person. The problem of finding out of(More)