Zhenzhen Qiao

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Gossypol, a natural Bcl-2 homology domain 3 mimetic compound isolated from cottonseeds, is currently being evaluated in clinical trials. Here, we provide evidence that gossypol induces autophagy followed by apoptotic cell death in both the MCF-7 human breast adenocarcinoma and HeLa cell lines. We first show that knockdown of the Bcl-2 homology domain 3-only(More)
Plant root is an organ composed of multiple cell types with different functions. This multicellular complexity limits our understanding of root biology because -omics studies performed at the level of the entire root reflect the average responses of all cells composing the organ. To overcome this difficulty and allow a more comprehensive understanding of(More)
Nitrogen is one of the most essential plant nutrients and one of the major factors limiting crop productivity. Having the goal to perform a more sustainable agriculture, there is a need to maximize biological nitrogen fixation, a feature of legumes. To enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling the interaction between legumes and(More)
The soybean gene GmFWL1 (FW2-2-like1) belongs to a plant-specific family that includes the tomato FW2-2 and the maize CNR1 genes, two regulators of plant development. In soybean, GmFWL1 is specifically expressed in root hair cells in response to rhizobia and in nodules. Silencing of GmFWL1 expression significantly reduced nodule numbers supporting its role(More)
Plasma membrane microdomains are plasma membrane sub-compartments enriched in sphingolipids and sterols, and composed by a specific set of proteins. They are involved in recognizing signal molecules, transducing these signals, and controlling endocytosis and exocytosis processes. In a recent study, applying biochemical and microscopic methods, we(More)
A comparative transcriptomic and genomic analysis between Arabidopsis thaliana and Glycine max root hair genes reveals the evolution of the expression of plant genes after speciation and whole genome duplication. Our understanding of the conservation and divergence of the expression patterns of genes between plant species is limited by the quality of the(More)
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