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We describe here a novel method for integrating gene and miRNA expression profiles in cancer using feed-forward loops (FFLs) consisting of transcription factors (TFs), miRNAs and their common target genes. The dChip-GemiNI (Gene and miRNA Network-based Integration) method statistically ranks computationally predicted FFLs by their explanatory power to(More)
We perform molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the relationship between structural order and waterlike dynamic and thermodynamic anomalies in spherically symmetric potentials having either one or two characteristic length scales. Structural order is characterized by translational and orientational order parameters. We find that (i) dynamic and(More)
There is a surge of community detection of complex networks in recent years. Different from conventional single-objective community detection, this paper formulates community detection as a multi-objective optimization problem and proposes a general algorithm NSGA-Net based on evolutionary multi-objective optimization. Interested in the effect of(More)
Human activities are defined and influenced by interdependent engineered and socioeconomic systems. In particular, the global economy is increasingly dependent on an interconnected web of infrastructures that permit hitherto unfathomable rates of information exchange, commodity flow and personal mobility. The interconnectedness and inter-dependencies(More)
The Stokes–Einstein relation has long been regarded as one of the hallmarks of transport in liquids. It predicts that the self-diffusion constant D is proportional to (τ/T) −1 , where τ is the structural relaxation time and T is the temperature. Here, we present experimental data on water confirming that, below a crossover temperature T × ≈ 290 K, the(More)
BACKGROUND Immune activation is a strong predictor of disease progression in HIV infection. Combinatorial plasma biomarker signatures that represent surrogate markers of immune activation in both viremic and aviremic HIV patients on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) have not been defined. Here, we identify a plasma inflammatory biomarker signature(More)