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We provide self-stabilizing algorithms to obtain and maintain a maximal matching, maximal independent set or minimal dominating set in a given system graph. They converge in linear rounds under a distributed or synchronous daemon. They can be implemented in an ad hoc network by piggy-backing on the beacon messages that nodes already use.
We propose a new self-stabilizing anonymous leader election algorithm in a tree graph. We show the correctness of the protocol and show that the protocol terminates in O(n/sup 4/) time starting from any arbitrary initial state. The protocol can elect either a leaf node or a non-leaf node (starting from the same initial state) depending on the behavior of(More)
Elastic optical networking is considered a promising candidate to improve the spectral efficiency of optical networks. One of the most important planning challenges of elastic optical networks is the NP-hard routing and spectrum assignment RSA problem. In this paper, we investigate offline RSA in elastic filterless optical networks, which use a passive(More)
A total k--coloring c of G is called k-neighbor sum distinguishing if for each edge uv, the sum of color of u and the colors of its incident edges is different from the sum of color of v and the colors of its incident edges. The smallest k is called the neighbor sum distinguishing total chromatic number. and first introduced this coloring and conjectured(More)
Noise is present in all images captured by real-world image sensors. Poisson distribution is said to model the stochastic nature of the photon arrival process and agrees with the distribution of measured pixel values. We propose a method for estimating unknown noise parameters from Poisson corrupted images using properties of variance stabilization. With a(More)