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An enormous number of apps have been developed for Android in recent years, making it one of the most popular mobile operating systems. However, the quality of the booming apps can be a concern [4]. Poorly engineered apps may contain security vulnerabilities that can severally undermine users' security and privacy. In this paper, we study a general category(More)
Information security and privacy in general are major concerns that impede enterprise adaptation of shared or public cloud computing. Specifically, the concern of virtual machine (VM) physical co-residency stems from the threat that hostile tenants can leverage various forms of side channels (such as cache covert channels) to exfil-trate sensitive(More)
A novel graph theoretic approach for data clustering is presented and its application to the image segmentation problem is demonstrated. The data to be clustered are represented by an undirected adjacency graph G with arc capacities assigned to reflect the similarity between the linked vertices. Clustering is achieved by removing arcs of G to form mutually(More)
—This paper analyzes the distortion in decoded video caused by random packet losses in the underlying transmission network. A recursion model is derived that relates the average channel-induced distortion in successive P-frames. The model is applicable to all video encoders using the block-based motion-compensated prediction framework (including the(More)
Instant messaging (IM) has been one of most frequently used malware attack vectors due to its popularity. Distinct from other malware, it is straightforward for IM malware to find and hit the next victim by exploiting the current victim's contact list and playing social engineering tricks. Thus, the spread of IM malware is much harder to detect and suppress(More)
Mutations in SHANK3 and large duplications of the region spanning SHANK3 both cause a spectrum of neuropsychiatric disorders, indicating that proper SHANK3 dosage is critical for normal brain function. However, SHANK3 overexpression per se has not been established as a cause of human disorders because 22q13 duplications involve several genes. Here we report(More)
The abuse of online games by automated programs, known as game bots, for gaining unfair advantages has plagued millions of participating players with escalating severity in recent years. The current methods for distinguishing bots and humans are based on human interactive proofs (HIPs), such as CAPTCHAs. However, HIP-based approaches have inherent(More)