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Accurate and Efficient Wireless Device Fingerprinting Using Channel State Information
Due to the loose authentication requirement between access points (APs) and clients, it is notoriously known that WLANs face long-standing threats such as rogue APs and network freeloading. Take theExpand
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We Can Track You if You Take the Metro: Tracking Metro Riders Using Accelerometers on Smartphones
Motion sensors, especially accelerometers, on smartphones have been discovered to be a powerful side channel for spying on users' privacy. In this paper, we reveal a new accelerometer-basedExpand
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Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-Interactive Differentially Private Mechanisms
In the problem of privacy-preserving collaborative data publishing, a central data publisher is responsible for aggregating sensitive data from multiple parties and then anonymizing it beforeExpand
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Grading tobacco leaves based on image processing and generalized regression neural network
Tobacco quality is determined by its grade and the tobacco leaf grading is mainly based on manual classification, depending on people's senses. The area, perimeter, length, width, colors and so onExpand
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Modelling and optimisation of a micro-brewery production process
Copyright © and Moral Rights are retained by the author. A copy can be downloaded for personal non-commercial research or study, without prior permission or charge. This item cannot be reproduced orExpand
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Dynamic Production Scheduling Modeling and Multi-objective Optimization for Automobile Mixed-Model Production
Due to inventory redundancy problem caused by automakers mixed-model production mode, a practical scheduling modeling and multi-objective optimization strategy is presented to increase production andExpand
Delivery Vehicle Scheduling Modeling and Optimization for Automobile Mixed Milk-Run Mode Involved Indirect Suppliers
On the issues of that the cost of the milk-run logistics mode with multi-level suppliers is hard to reduce, a mixed milk-run logistics mode involved second level suppliers is proposed in this paper.Expand
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Research on Axial Power Deviation Safety Early Warning Technology Based on Online Simulation
At present, there have been a large number of researches on nuclear power plant (NPP) process simulation, such as the researches on the NPP full-scope dynamic process simulation. However, theseExpand
Model of speed optimization of oil tanker with irregular winds and waves for given route
Abstract Mathematical and simulation models of the nonlinear speed optimization under the influence of irregular winds and waves are established for a 48000DWT oil tanker. The objective functions areExpand
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