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Knowledge about mutation rates and the mutational process of short-tandem-repeat (STR) or microsatellite loci used in forensic analysis is crucial for the correct interpretation of resulting genetic profiles. We analysed a total of 19,754 samples from 6532 paternity testing cases at 17 STR loci which are commonly applied to forensics. The parenthood in each(More)
In order to test the practical applicability of oligonucleotide fingerprinting in China we have investigated unrelated individuals, family members and a pair of twins from the Beijing area using the probe (CAC)5/(GTG)5. Except for the monozygotic twins highly variable banding patterns were demonstrated as expected for the randomly selected individuals but(More)
In order to test the practical applicability of oligonucleotide fingerprinting we have investigated 50 unrelated individuals, 11 members in two families and one pair of twin using the probe (CAC)5/(GTG)5. Except the monozygotic twins highly variable patterns were demonstrated, even in a family. The probability of chance association between random(More)
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis for the purpose of individualization is now being used in casework in the People's Republic of China. This report describes the use of the multilocus minisatellite probe 33.15 to solve three cases, including two homicides and a rape. In the third case, fetal tissue was analyzed to prove that the(More)
The synthetic oligonucleotide probe (CAC)5/(GTG)5 for DNA, fingerprinting was studied in this paper. The incomplete pattern of DNA fingerprints was obtained from bloodstains up to three years old, which were kept at room temperature. The identical results were achieved from various human organ tissues of the same individual. DNA fingerprints from vaginal(More)
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