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This paper presents a novel 6/5 segmental rotor-type switched reluctance motor (SRM) for cooling fan application. Unlike conventional structures, the rotor of the proposed structure is constructed from a series of discrete segments, and the stator is constructed from two types of stator poles: exciting and auxiliary poles. Meanwhile, the windings are only(More)
In this paper, two novel bearingless switched reluctance motors (BLSRMs), 12/14 hybrid stator pole BLSRM and 12/8 double stator BLSRM, in which the torque control is naturally decoupled from the suspending force control are proposed. Both structures have two types of stator poles: torque and suspending force poles. Due to the independent characteristics(More)
Since the development of power electronics and high price of permanent magnets (PMs), switched reluctance motors (SRMs) are gaining more attentions. This paper proposes a novel 12/8 SRM with segmental rotor for vehicle cooling fan application. Unlike conventional SRMs, the proposed motor adopts one body stator with hybrid stator poles and segmental rotor(More)
A 12/14 bearingless switched reluctance motor (BLSRM) with hybrid stator poles has been proposed due to the outstanding decoupling characteristics between the torque and suspending force. However, the motor is a two-phase motor. The output torque of the motor has torque dead zone and high torque ripple. Hence, the motor cannot self-start at some rotor(More)
In this paper, two types of switched reluctance motors (SRMs) with segmental rotors are presented in detail. One is 6/5 segmental rotor type; the other is 12/8 segmental rotor type. Both these two types of motors have the same stator, rotor and winding configurations. The stator is constructed with special stator poles in which the exciting and auxiliary(More)
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