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Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) puts forward an interoperable architecture of home network equipment to implement the simple and seamless interoperability between household appliances, mobile devices and computers, so as to enhance and enrich users' experience. Because DLNA is designed to implement the sharing of multimedia resources between devices(More)
This paper investigates the scalar multiplication algorithms of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) resisting power analysis attack in security System on Chip (SoC) and analyzes their efficiency. According to the characteristics of resource-constrained SoC, we compare and evaluate the average computation time complexity of different algorithms, and then(More)
Although the genetic algorithm has been widely used in the polarity optimization of mixed polarity Reed-Muller (MPRM) logic circuits, few studies have taken into account the polarity conversion sequence. In order to improve the efficiency of polarity optimization of MPRM logic circuits, we propose an efficient and fast polarity optimization approach (FPOA)(More)
Breathing plays an important role in the process of running. A stable and harmonic breathing rhythm can postpone runners' fatigue and help to improve their running performances. This paper presents a method that can detect runner's breathing frequency continuously. We utilize Bluetooth headset and smart phone to obtain sensed data, such as striding(More)
The power and area optimization of Reed-Muller (RM) circuits has been widely concerned. However, almost none of the exiting power and area optimization approaches can obtain all the Pareto optimal solutions of the original problem and are efficient enough. Moreover, they have not considered the don’t care terms, which makes the circuit performance unable to(More)
In combinational logic circuits, expressing logic functions in terms of Mixed Polarity Reed-Muller (MPRM) expansions draws more and more attention for its advantages over Boolean logic and Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller (FPRM) expansions. For n-variable MPRM logic function, the polarity directly determines the expression form of the circuits, and then(More)
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